* Identify Problem Areas

   * Avoid Surprise Expenses

   * Reduce Anxiety


   * Identify Problem Areas

   * Reduce Liability

   * Increase Marketability


    Increase Sales

    * Reduce Liability

    * Satisfied Customers


    * Reinforce Values

    * Identify Condition

    * Protect Investment

Buying and Selling a Home is one of the most trying events that most of us will ever face.  Learning the true condition of the property can help relieve much of the anxiety involved.  An inspection by North Georgia Building Inspectors, Inc. can be a vital service to you By applying our knowledge and expertise to conduct a comprehensive explanation of the home's condition, we will report  major damage or  problems that may require repairs and possibly a significant financial burden.


We believe a primary purpose of the inspection is to educate our clients (buyer or seller), so they can make informed decisions.  In addition to providing a detailed report, we encourage our clients to attend the inspection and learn first hand about possible repairs and how the home functions.  All inspections are visual of readily accessible areas.  We do not do destructive type inspections.                   


For a professional inspection of your residential property, call us today!


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